Newport, Oregon – There’s a new way you can help the  family of a fisherman killed on the Oregon Coast. His family and friends are remembering him as a kind family man. Joshua Porter and two others died on a crabbing trip. Their boat capsized Tuesday night when high waves hit their boat while crossing the Yaquina Bay bar There’s a Go Fund Me Page to help Porter’s family pay for a funeral.

Here’s what they say on the Go Fund Me Page:

The Mary B 2 crab boat capsized about 10pm Tuesday Jan 8, 2019 while crossing the Yaquina Bay Bar Newport Oregon. Three fisherman died in he accident including my brother-in-law, Josh Porter, age 50. He is survived by his wife, Denise Barrett-Porter and a loving family.  Josh was the sole financial supporter for his family and tirelessly (and happily) worked difficult jobs as a fisherman and logger in the off-season. He was a 12 year recovering addict and champion of Narcotics Anonymous, traveling to attend conferences and mentoring countless people in recovery.
We are starting this campaign to help offset the expenses associated with funeral arrangements and any additional financial needs for his wife, Denise. The outpouring of love and support has been immeasurable and we want to thank you for your generosity as we struggle to find a way to move forward with such a tragic loss.

GoFundMe would like us to specifically touch on these points for the campaign:

1. Who are we? James Barrett and Helen Parsons.

2. Where we are from? Spokane, Washington

3.What is your relationship to the parties you’re raising money for? I, James’s Barrett, am the brother of Denise Barrett-Porter who is the wife of the deceased, Josh Porter (my brother-in-law). Helen Parsons is my significant other.

4.How will the funds be specifically used? Funerals are expensive, as we all know. The money will support immediate family to travel to Newport to attend the memorial service, to pay outstanding accumulated debts, offset any and all costs associated with cremation services and ceremonies. Josh was the sole supporter for his family and Denise will need a cushion of funds to create a new life in the absence of her soul mate.

5.How will we plan to send the funds to the parties upon withdrawal? A small portion of the donations will be used to provide funds for various travel expenses via Visa Gift Cards (at the request of Denise) and the remaining larger portion will be transferred to a personal savings account in her name.

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