Eugene, Ore. — Democratic political fundraiser and gay rights activist Terry Bean has been indicted in Lane County on sodomy and sexual abuse charges.

Bean who pleaded not guilty during an arraignment on Thursday, was originally indicted on January 4th.

Bean was previously charged with sexual abuse in 2014 but the case was dismissed after the alleged victim refused to testify.

Bean’s attorney Kristin Eisenhauer issued the following statement to our news partner KGW:

“Once again, Terry is innocent of the charges.  The accuser wants money.  It’s that simple.  Years ago, while threatening a civil suit, this same person was able to use the District Attorney as a tool to leverage his false claims.  Now, after more than three years, he wants more money.  The answer is no. This case is a continuation of the 2014 blackmail scam by Mr. Lawson and others, including today’s accuser.  Mr. Bean is the victim and he has paid enough.  We will see them in court.”