In The Garden with Mike Darcy 10-22-16

In The Garden with Mike Darcy October 22, 2016

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During this first period, I like to talk about local garden events and what is happening in my own garden as well as others that I have visited.

9:30 Martin Nicholson/Curator, Botanic Specialist/Hoyt Arboretum


Trees for Fall Color
Hoyt Arboretum is another of the garden gems we have, not only in this city, but our state. Established in 1928 and encompassing 189 acres in Portland’s Washington Park, Hoyt Arboretum is the home to 6,000 specimens, 2,000 species, of which 63 are considered vulnerable or endangered. There are 12 miles of trails for hiking. This is the time of year when fall color is spectacular and Martin will discuss some of what visitors can see. The two photos below are but a small example of current fall color. I have not asked Martin what some of his favorites are, but I’m sure he has some. Get some tips on trees that might be suitable for your own garden and especially those with fall color. Martin will be leading a tour today (October 22) at noon.
Fraxinus pennsylvanica (Ash) Larix (Larch)
10:00 Dianna Gibson/B&D Lilies

Fall is an excellent time to plant lilies and Dianna will give us some tips on fall planting and will discuss some of the different types of lilies that are available. The Pacific Northwest is ideal lily growing territory and B&D Lilies is a Northwest family owned and operated business located in Port Townsend. They are a mail order company and are currently shipping lilies to our area. The genus Lilium is extremely diverse with a wide variety of shapes of flowers, height of plants, blooming dates, and varying levels of fragrance from none to high. I have always had some lilies in my garden and they are delightful spring/summer flowers. Check out the B&D lily website at;
10:30 Brian Bauman/Bauman Farms/Growing, Cooking and Eating Squash

If you are looking for squash, check out the selection at Bauman Farms, 12989 Howell Prairie Road NE, Gervas. On a recent visit, I saw bins of squash, some of which had names that I had never heard of. There are many health benefits to eating squash and they can be cooked and prepared in a wide variety of ways. A question that I often get is how to store winter squash through the winter. Brian will give us some tips and also which squash is his favorite for pumpkin pie. Bauman Farms is also celebrating their annual Fall Harvest Festival which runs now through Monday, October 31. Check out their website as this is a huge family friendly event with many activities for children.
While I cannot say with absolute certainty, I think that Brian Bauman’s favorite squash for pumpkin pie is Sweet Meet. Many of the types of squash that are available from Bauman Farms, are types that are not readily available at local super markets and here is an opportunity to see a great selection all at one location. Plus it can be a very fun family visit during this Fall Harvest Festival. Visit their website for more information on events during this particular time period.
11:00 People’s Hour/Message from Mike/Listener Photos & Comments
This is your time to call in and be part of the show; 503/417-9595 or 877/733-1011. I like hearing from other gardeners, and so do listeners. Tell me what is happening in your garden and send photos.


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