Game Of Thrones—-Best Or Worst TV Season Finale?

It’s over.  So, what will millions of people do now on Sunday night?

Game Of Thrones’ Season finale aired last night. Social media is blowing up with comments, criticisms, suggestions, or just congratulations. A survey by the workforce institute says the HBO hit is set to go down as the most watched finale in TV history.  We realize not everyone watched Game of Thrones, so we’ll ask:  What do you think is “The best TV season finale ever?


Here’s a great synopsis from Forbes:


Here’s my take:

The Game of Thrones series was so much about the evolution of the characters. From Sansa’s transformation from a scaredy-cat conformist teen to a strong woman.  Tyrian’s transformation from a drunk, whore monger to advisor and hand of the queen.  John Snow goes from being a bastard and outsider,  to war hero and heir of the throne.  Arya goes from being a rebellious little girl, to killer of night king and adventurer. Dany  goes from little sister slave to champion of the little people to Queen of the 7 kingdoms.

To me, killing off one evolving character and sending another into exile was a little anticlimactic. I was hoping for more of a bang or uplifting finish, but it’s Game of Thrones. I guess I’m just happy so many of the characters were left standing (except Bran….but you get what I mean).  All in all, I think it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen but maybe not the best finale I’ve ever seen.  That said, I’m still not sure how I would have wrapped it up differently.


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