Fuel Prices Have Never Been This High In Oregon & Washington

PORTLAND, Ore. — For the eighth straight week, gas prices are continuing to set daily records.

The price at the pump in Oregon is up 8 cents from last week to $5.54 per gallon.  In Washington, it’s ten cents more at $5.55.

Demand is still outpacing supplies and crude oil remains above $120 dollars per barrel, which is nearly double from last August.

“The skyrocketing pump prices have not caused demand for gas to drop.  If prices remain above $5, we may start to see demand destruction if people change their daily driving habits, but it hasn’t happened yet.  People seem eager to drive and take summer vacations after staying close to home for two years during the pandemic,” says Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon/Idaho.

Gas prices are at or above $5.00 a gallon in nearly half of the country.

Diesel prices are over $6.00 on both sides of the Columbia River; $6.17 in Oregon and $6.22 in Washington.

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