Frozen Yogurt: Perfect Treat for the Upcoming Hot Days!

It’s going to get warm again starting tomorrow and you might start thinking about frozen treats like ice cream and frozen yogurt, which is often called FROYO.  Veronica stopped by TART BERRY in downtown Portland to learn a little more about how it’s made.  Anthony and Michelle Gross have owned Tart Berry for several years now, and they’re known for having more toppings than pretty much anywhere else.  Another key thing is that Michelle makes several varieties of frozen yogurt from real fruit.  Most often frozen yogurt is made from flavored syrup but Tart Berry offers both.   You can hear more here:

Tart Berry is known for the variety of toppings!   (photo by Veronica Carter)
Inside Tart Berry in downtown Portland. (photo by Veronica Carter)
Owners of Tart Berry, Michelle and Anthony Gross. (photo by Veronica Carter)
One of the messages on the tables at Tart Berry (photo by Veronica Carter)

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