From Volunteering to a Career of Helping Others

Turning a passion for volunteering into a career. It happens to some people, including Jon Seibert. He and his wife started helping out at Blanchet House in Portland, and an opportunity came up and now he works there full-time as the volunteer manager. He’s obviously dedicated and good at his job because he’s been nominated as our KXL EVERYDAY HERO.

The mission of the Blanchet House is to offer food, shelter and aid to those in need, and to do it with compassion and dignity.   If you need help with meals or a place to stay you can find out more here: 

They use food from places like Trader Joe’s and the Oregon Food Bank, plus  anything else that’s donated.  If they can’t use something they pass it on to other charitable organizations like the Free Fridge Project.

The Blanchet House can always use more volunteers and donations, including cold weather gear. They will take home-made deserts too, so if you’re a cook and want to donate cookies, cakes and pies, they’ll take them!

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