Frog Ferry Progress

PORTLAND, Ore.—This Summer will be critical to the life of Frog Ferry concept.  The group promoting a ferry system for Portland is headed to the feasibility phase paying $250,000.00 for a study. both ODOT and PBOT have awarded grants to Friends of Frog Ferry.  ODOT $200,000.00 PBOT $40,000.00.  The goal is to research the potential to bring a safe and sustainable river-friendly public passenger ferry service to the region.
Every major river city in the nation – except Portland – has a ferry service, with most expanding their services to:

Reduce congestion
Enhance resiliency Planning and Safety
Provide Equity and Community Livability
Contribute to cleaner air and water
Promote Economic Vitality
We are a grassroots effort of more than 1,500 supporters and stakeholders, and 150+ pro bono industry experts who are volunteering across nine teams. We understand the need to look through the lens of transparency, equity, efficient use of public funding, and access to more transit options. To date we have provided more than $4 million in value at no taxpayer expense, and funds raised will help fund critical feasibility studies that are needed to leverage local and federal transit agency support.

Portland is the last major metropolitan river city in the nation to not have water-based transit. Ferries are reliable and affordable in comparison with other modes of transit, and they require no expensive construction of roads or rails. As a bonus, traveling and relaxing and enjoyable. Other ferry systems all over the world see passengers riding for the simple enjoyment of the ride, which is not something we see with buses or urban light rail.   if all hurdles are past a ferry system with at least 4 stops could be part of the Portland landscape in 2023.

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