Portland, Ore. – Advancements in computer technology might be moving too fast for a local community college to keep up. Students aren’t signing up, so their shutting down the program. Portland Community College just sent out another email to students saying the school is closing the Computer Applications and Web Technologies Program, because of declining enrollment. It basically teaches you how to make websites and all that “behind the scenes stuff” on the computer. Martin Michaud-Couch graduated from the program about ten years ago, he says it kind of sucks that it’s shutting down, but he also understands why. Even a decade ago what they were learning was advancing so fast, Martin became a tutor for the program after he graduated from it, and had to re-learn all the new stuff, all over again. He says he can understand why some teachers might be frustrated, trying to keep up with the latest greatest technologies.

I reached out to PCC to find out more and see how many students are being affected by it. They say

  • Since 2013-14, both FTE and Headcount totals in CAWT have seen close to double-digit declines each year from the previous year.

  • Since 2013-14, the number of CAWT degrees and certificates awarded has plummeted from 313 to 98.

They also directed me to read more here. 

PCC says they are finding a new way to teach kids today’s computer skills, but it’s unclear exactly what that looks like right now.

Here is a copy of the letter PCC sent out to students on Friday:

Please excuse if you have received this message multiple times, due to the importance of the information and our need to reach the widest array of students, there is a chance that current students may receive duplicates of this message.

Dear PCC Students,

As a current student at PCC, we are writing to inform you that, after many difficult conversations, PCC has made the decision to close the Computer Applications and Web Technologies Program. Closing an academic program is never an easy decision. There have been many years of work by dedicated faculty and staff in support of the Computer Applications and Web Technologies program.

Students are still able to declare a Computer Applications and Web Technologies certificate or degree until October 5th 2019. Please also know that if your program requires a CAS/OS class, those classes will continue to be offered as long as your program requires them. Additionally, students may continue to register for CAS courses, regardless of their declared major.

If you are interested in pursuing one of the Computer Applications and Web Technologies certificates or degrees, you must attend an information session and meet certain prerequisite requirements. Please visit the Computer Applications and Web Technologies admissions web page  for further information and to sign up for an information session.


CAWT Advising Team

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