Portland, Or. – Marshall Glickman spent three years as a ball boy for the Portland Trailblazers, starting at age 11. His father founded the team. Today, Glickman is CEO of G2 Strategic, a sports, entertainment and venue development consulting firm.

We asked him what he thinks about the Portland Trailblazer/Denver Nuggets match up. He says Denver center Nikola Jokic’ is ” a big, big man and very physical and a superstar level player.” He thinks that’s a concern. Blazer center Enes Kanter has a separated left shoulder. He says Portland should have an advantage in the back court.

He says the Blazers hit  their stride at the right moment this season and calls Damian Lillard ” an other worldly player.”  He likes that Portland has kept its core group together and thinks teams are more successful when they’re not changing personnel year after year.

He says he has lunch with his father, Harry Glickman every week and says “every single time we’ve gone out, two or three people come up.” They ” say Mr. Glickman, thanks for bringing the Trailblazers here.”

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