Food Pantries on the “Down-low”.

Schools across the Northwest work hard to make sure all of their students have enough to eat on a daily basis.  Many schools have pantries on campus.  In Vancouver, both Alki Middle School and Skyview High School have them, and they do it in a way that lets kids who use them stay pretty anonymous.   They fill out a form in the school’s main office, and only use their student ID number, then after their order is filled, they’re called to the office so they can pick it up and stuff it in their backpack without their peers knowing about it.

It’s not just food, they can also get household and sanitary items as well.  Donations from the community are welcome!   At Skyview High, students learn life skill lessons by shopping for supplies, doing inventory, and organizing the pantry.


The students, and the adult volunteers (Teacher Stephanie McGarvie and parent Kandis McEllrath) who operate the pantries are our KXL EVERYDAY HEROES!


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