Floods And Landslides Could Be On The Horizon According To Officials

Burn scars cover the countryside from the massive fires this summer, and that has officials reminding people to be prepared for landslides and flooding.

Althea Rizzo is with the Oregon Office of Emergency Management said that you should stay alert and track the flooding conditions and If told to evacuate, do so immediately. Also keep an eye on driving routes if your in a watch area. She added that with the heavy rains, you should also assume that roads are not safe and asserts being extra alert when driving, especially at night.

Here is a link to the website for more tips: CLICK HERE


Below: Flood water runs over U.S. 395 near Pilot Rock, May 21, 2020. Six inches of moving water can knock over an adult and 12 inches can carry away a small vehicle. Many flood-related fatalities are caused by vehicles driven into hazardous waters

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