Portland, Oregon -Baseball and softball fields at Portland Parks remain closed. And Parks officials believe it’ll stay that way a while. Spokesman Mark Ross says it really boils down to safety. Because slippy fields and those divots and holes can also cause injury, not to mention the maintenance headache and the cost. Ross says with more rain in this week’s forecast, those closed baseball and softball fields may not re-open until Friday or, perhaps, even later than that.

Read more from Portland Parks and Rec:

All Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) baseball/softball fields remain CLOSED on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, due to extremely wet conditions. Portland Parks & Recreation will again evaluate conditions on Tuesday morning and make a determination on field status at that time (though with wet weather persisting, these closure protocols are expected to continue throughout the week).

The closures and information contained in this message pertain only to PP&R fields, not fields at Portland Public School sites.

Grass athletic fields (for football, soccer, lacrosse, etc.,) remain open at this time for games and practices – and you can practice or have playtime on the grass outfields at ballfields if conditions are suitable per City protocol for using them. That means if your field is visibly soaked, and/or you sink down an inch or so when standing on the grass, you’re required to postpone your game or practice until conditions are favorable. Otherwise, you risk injury to yourself and other players – and it creates ruts and lousy conditions on the fields for the rest of the busy playing season ahead!

Please remember that safety is the most important priority. Use your best judgement when arriving at all park fields for games and practices.

The conditions of grass fields will vary across the city.

All synthetic, all-weather fields, will remain open for use.

KXL’s Cooper Banks contributed to this story.

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