Flag Replaced In Time For the 4th Of July

The Marine Unit of the Clackams County Sheriff’s department replaced a Tattered American Flag At Willamette Falls. Just in time for the 4th of July.

You may have noticed a flagpole with a tattered U.S. flag in the middle of the falls. It had been there for years and was tattered, worn and faded — hanging only from its lower grommet.

Portland General Electric and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife are responsible for that area of the falls. But as it turns out, neither entity placed the flagpole there.

The structure is on is a combination of the Blue Heron Paper Mill site’s diversion dam and the fish ladder.

The deputies went to work. They lifted the pole out of its hold in order to remove the old torn flag. They replaced it with a new flag. The deputies then reset the pole, topped with a fresh Stars and Stripes.

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