First Plane Filled With Supplies From Fairview Church Heads To Ukraine

VANCOUVER, Wash. — For Alla Chumakov, the war waged by Russia on her mother country of Ukraine is personal.  The Vancouver woman came to America with her parents when she was 11-years-old.

KXL’s Rosemary Reynolds talked with Alla about what her first thoughts were hearing Russia could try to overtake Ukraine.

“I was the one who came into the office and said, that’s not possible.  We live in the 21st century.  Why are we talking about World War?”

Chumakov, an Allstate insurance agent, wife, and mother of three is not understanding why Vladimir Putin is tormenting her people.

“The only thing I can think of is he wants the land back.  He wants to recreate the old USSR.”

18 to 60-year-old men have been asked to stay and fight invading Russian troops.  Alla says she fully expects Ukrainian men living here to leave America and go back and fight as soon as they can get on planes to do so.

She says: “My 12-year-old son is watching everything about this closely.  While I usually protect my children from these kinds of things, my husband who is Russian decided to talk with them about this complex political problem.”  She wants them to see how the world is.

Alla’s church, Slavic Evangelical Church Sulamita at 20575 NE Sandy Blvd. in Fairview, has collected enough items to fill a trailer container that in turn filled a plane that left for Ukraine at the end of last week.  Another plane will head out next week.  You can also help by bringing supplies to the church or her office at Allstate Insurance Company, Alex Mikhno Agency, 11302 NE Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98662.

Needed Items:

Sterile Surgical Dressings, Sterile Surgical Gowns, External fixation devices for traumatology, Disposable blades for scalpels, Devices for VAC Wound Therapy and consumables, Manuel emergency ventilators, Ambu bags, Surgical sutures kapron, nylon N2,3,4,5, Sprinkling powder for wounds, Tigecycline, Colomycin, Meropenem, First-aid medical kits (Individual and Army) Dialyzers, Ultrasonic scalpels, Patient monitors, Portable defibrillators with instructions.

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