Firefighter Memorial Park In Need Of Care

PORTLAND, Ore– Dan lives in the high rise above Firefighter Memorial Park on Southwest 18th and Burnside.  He’s looked down on the tiny park for years, gradually its condition has become worse because the homeless leave trash, poop and pee everywhere including in fountain.  On 9-11 this year Dan could not stand how bad the park looked. Normally on that day it would look good because firefighters would remember the fallen there, this year the event move to the waterfront.  Dan finished work and went downstairs with a friend and cleaned it up in couple of hours  trash bags and rake in hand.  Station 3 usually takes care of the little park but with thousands of calls to answer it isn’t realistic to expect them to worry about the park full time.

Dan’s solution and actually question is:  Why can’t Parks and Rec step up to keep this memorial clean?  His personal answer to the problem is with his sister’s help creating a volunteer cleaning before 9-11 next year.  Check out their facebook page, Portland Firefighters Park Cleanup September 11th 2019.



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