Fence Removed Surrounding Justice Center

PORTLAND, Ore. — Workers removed the outer fence surrounding the Multnomah County Justice Center on Monday afternoon.  The fence has been in place for two weeks as a barrier between protesters and police protecting the building where protesters broke in and set fire on the night of May 29th.

The police bureau said Monday on Twitter: “We recognize that for some it has become a symbol of divide between the police and the community.”

Protesters have thrown items over the fence at police guarding the Justice Center, injuring officers.  Recently, they cut holes in the fence and some in the crowd have breached the perimeter.  One person was arrested on Sunday night after refusing orders to leave the enclosed area.

“Our hope is that the nightly violence and destruction around the Justice Center will stop and the focus can be directed toward peaceful conversation,” the Tweet continued.

The inner fence around the building remains in place until repairs can be made.

Authorities have stated they have a legal obligation to safely house those incarcerated inside.

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