Family of Man Killed in Central Point Bus Accident Sues

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. (AP) – The family of a Seattle-area man who died after being struck by a Greyhound bus in Central Point, Oregon has sued Greyhound.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday in Dallas County, Texas alleges the bus driver was visibly exhausted when 25-year-old Hunter Brown was struck by the bus at a Pilot station.

The Mail Tribune reports that the bus driver had left Brown behind after a 1 a.m. rest stop and Brown was running alongside the bus, pounding on the door, when he was knocked off balance and then run over.

Greyhound did not return a call from the newspaper.

The lawsuit alleges the driver had driven 9 { hours already that day.

It also alleges he left the Pilot station earlier than he had told passengers, taking Brown by surprise.



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