A Familiar Voice is Working to Bring Major League Baseball to Portland

Photo Courtesy Of NBA.com

PORTLAND, Ore. – A key development could mean Major League Baseball in Portland is not such a far-fetched idea.

The Bald Faced Truth’s John Canzano confirmed Tuesday that former Portland Trail Blazer television play-by-play man Mike Barrett is part of a group that is working on bringing a professional baseball team to the area. And Canzano says Barrett’s involvement is a difference maker, “Anything that this group could do to legitimize itself…was a good move. I like that he brings credibility. I like that they haven’t been knee-jerk in going public either. It tells me that they’ve got a plan. Which means they’ve got a chance.”

Major League Baseball hasn’t said when or if they plan to expand to 32 teams in the near future. But, a couple of weeks ago, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred admitted that the Rose City would be considered if and when they do, “Portland would be on a list, yeah.”

There are still plenty of questions left to be answered, such as, the location of the new stadium and the amount of public funding needed. But, in the meantime, Canzano says baseball fans should follow in the footsteps of the Timbers’ Army, “Baseball fans, do not do what you did when the Portland Beavers left. You sat on your hands. The reason why Major League Soccer got to Portland, is that the Timbers’ Army…became a lobbyist group. They became very powerful…The Timbers’ Army mattered.”





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