Fallen K-9 Heroes Memorialized Through Art


Bethany Lang has always been an artist.   Her family has a lot of connections to law enforcement and a few years ago she decided to start painting pictures of fallen K-9 officers.  She then surprises the K-9’s handler with the painting.   She’s delivered 7 so far, has one ready to go, and is working on another painting now.  She does it from her kitchen, and her portraits are unique because she uses coffee as paint.


Bethany is a mom, and has a full-time job, but volunteers her time on the paintings and delivery because she says it’s near and dear to her heart.   Her father, Alan Painter, nominated her for KXL Everyday Hero.   His brother, Ralph Painter, was killed in the line of duty while serving as chief of police in Rainier in 2011.

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