Fake Cop Arrested And Charged With Rape And Kidnapping

VANCOUVER, Wash (KGW) – A man who allegedly posed as a cop in an attempt to kidnap a woman was arrested by Vancouver police Saturday.

Troopers conducted a search warrant on a residence in the 14600 block of SE 8th St. in Vancouver. They arrested Shannon W. Stover, 46, for kidnapping and two counts of rape, among other charges.

Police had sought Stover for the fake-cop incident as well as a separate incident that occurred the day before.

He had allegedly used a vehicle with flashing lights to pull over another car. He pulled a woman out of the car, handcuffed her and put her inside his vehicle, police said.

In court, at Stover’s first appearance Monday, prosecutor Patrick Robinson said Stover had blindfolded another woman, took her back to the house, raped her, and recorded it. He says he thinks Stover has done this, or tried to do this to other women, including one who got away after he tasered her.

As for the video recordings, hard drives could hold the clue to helping police find more victims.

“They located what they believe was a recording studio at his garage. We believe there’s potentially video of potential crimes, on those in the recording studio,” said Robinson. “He was potentially taking females back to his recording studio. We believe there are potentially videos of the rape at the recording studio.”

The full list of charges against Stover includes an outstanding felony warrant, unlawful possession of a firearm, kidnapping and two counts of first-degree rape. He was booked into Clark County Jail.

Vancouver Police are encouraging any victims who may have had an incident involving Stover, and did not report it at the time, to call the Vancouver Police Department at 360-487-7355.

Anyone who may have additional information related to this investigation is asked to call the Vancouver Police Tip Line at 360-487-7399.



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