Facebook 10th Anniversary A Good Time To Get Familiar With CyberSecurity

This week’s 10th anniversary of Facebook makes us marvel at how social media has connected the globe.  Of all the world’s people, one-in-six has used Facebook.

All that connectedness has its downside. Cybersecurity expert Bill Sikkens, of Nevada-based Cumulus Technology, tells of a recent test of Facebook security. A 12-year old girl was asked to post pictures from her smartphone onto Facebook.

Sikkens says within 4 days the testers were able to mine , from Facebook, all sorts of information about the child, including where she lived, where she went to school, and where in the house her bedroom was.

If he were advising Facebook, Sikkens says he would suggest security controls be made easier to understand, to help users better decide which information to release and which to protect.



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