Experian Advice As Inflation Increases

PORTLAND, Ore.– Rod Griffin Education Specialist with Experian say many of us who continued to work during the pandemic saved money.  Economists say in some cases savings increased more than ever before.  Now with inflation rising consumers are worried about not having enough money.  A survey by Experian shows drivers are concerned about not being able to meet insurance premiums.  Griffin comments the solution to that is shop around and let your current policy holder know you are doing that. They may consider lowering your premium so as not to lose you as a customer.  Comparison shopping can save almost $900 a year.

A good credit report or scores can give you leverage when you buy something. Things like your cell phone. Knowing what’s on your credit report can be powerful and offer you a bargaining chip.  You can get a credit report once a week at Annual Credit Report.com.http://annualcreditreport.com 

You can also monitor your credit with an App. Because of the pandemic through the end of this year you can do that once a week check in with all three of the national reporting companies for free.

if you are looking at a FICO score the typical score is 350 to 850 ,Auto scores actually go to 900.  A good score is around 680 to 700.  A really good score would be around 750 , that’s when you qualify for the best rates.  if your are much below 680 you will have difficulty qualifying for anything.  If your score needs help there’s something like Experian boost that lets you add your positive utility , cell phone and streaming payments to your credit report proactively. The service is free. People find by doing that they increase their profile by 12 points. As much 19 points when they had sources.

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