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Ever Thought Of Unplugging?

The Wall Street Journal recently asked readers for their opinions of social here’s one:     ” Dale W. Maples, California
I am done with social media. Removed them from my phone several months ago. It is like inventing more time—to read, play with my kids and have real conversations. Liberating. Social media have become two things: the great comparison and a pawn to advertisers for trawling us all. And that isn’t good for anyone”.

And this:    ” Zeeshan Bendelstein, Oklahoma  I first opened a Facebook account in 2007 and have since explored Instagram and Twitter. They used to give me considerable joy and I loved the ability to connect with old friends seamlessly. They are now albatrosses around my neck, providing a vapid alternative to nail-biting during those idle moments that crop up during the day. Yet would I cut the cord completely and deactivate my account? No, everyone else would have to do that first. And therein lies their power.”

What about you?

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