EMT Assaulted By Patient In Tigard Ambulance Incident

Tigard, Ore – The Tigard Police Department responded to a call on Thursday morning regarding an assault on an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) by a patient inside an ambulance.

At approximately 7:48 AM, Tigard police were dispatched to the area of SW Pacific Highway and Canterbury Lane. According to the authorities, a two-person Metro West crew consisting of a paramedic and an EMT were transporting an individual in an apparent mental health crisis to the hospital for evaluation. The patient had been involved in a police call earlier that morning in Sherwood.

During the ambulance ride, the patient managed to unbuckle himself and proceeded to assault the paramedic by striking them in the head and neck. The EMT, who was driving the ambulance, stopped the vehicle and rushed to the back to assist the paramedic. However, the patient pushed back and started attacking the EMT, targeting the chest and throat area. Subsequently, the EMT exited the ambulance, and the patient pursued them with a rock along Highway 99W.

Numerous drivers traveling along Highway 99W witnessed a significant police response to the incident. Tigard Police officers located the patient, still armed with a rock, chasing the EMT near SW Beef Bend Road. Employing less-lethal force, the officers successfully intervened and apprehended the individual in crisis. For their safety, a Tigard officer accompanied the patient on a second ambulance en route to the hospital. The patient has been cited for two counts of assault. Meanwhile, the EMT received medical evaluation and treatment at the hospital.

The incident caused substantial traffic delays during the morning commute along Highway 99W on Thursday. The authorities extend their gratitude to the local community for their patience and cooperation during this time.