Early Sunday Morning Shooting Terrifies Neighbors

Portland, Ore. — A shooting in Northeast Portland caused damage to several homes and cars early Sunday morning. The incident, which occurred on Northeast Hassalo Street and 87th Avenue, resulted in shattered windows and shell casings scattered on the ground.

Andrea Hulin, who was staying with her sister, recalled the terrifying moment when the gunshots began with our news partner KGW. “I just heard pop, pop, pop and then glass shattered, I felt it shattered across me, it was just terrifying,” Hulin said. She immediately went to check on her sister and was relieved to find that everyone in the house was unharmed.

Hulin, who grew up in the neighborhood, expressed her shock and disbelief at the incident. “I never experienced gunshots through the house,” she said.

Several homes in the area still showed signs of bullet holes on Sunday evening, but the neighborhood appeared to have calmed down. Keith McCarthy, a resident of the street since 2014, shared his concerns about the increase in crime in the area since the pandemic began.

“Typically we are on guard all the time, getting in and out of your car, you better have a look over your shoulder before opening that door because you don’t know who’s going to roll up on you,” McCarthy said. “We’ve had people arrested in my backyard.”

McCarthy believes that a lot of the crime in the neighborhood is drug-related and worries about the safety of children in the area. He hopes that the police can increase patrols in the neighborhood to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

“This time it’s our neighborhood, next time it will be four blocks down,” McCarthy said.