Early Garbage Collection In Portland Amidst Hot Temperatures

Portland, Ore. — In response to the impending high temperatures, the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability has announced an adjustment to the residential garbage, recycling, and compost collection schedule. Commencing on Monday, August 14th, these collections may take place earlier than the usual 6 a.m. start time. This proactive measure aims to mitigate the impact of scorching temperatures, with the likelihood of early pickups continuing throughout the week should temperatures linger around the 100-degree mark.

To ensure a smooth collection process and avoid any missed pickups, residents are urged to position their waste bins at the curb on the evening preceding their regular collection day.

By initiating operations during the cooler morning hours, waste collection drivers are exposed to less extreme temperatures, thereby minimizing potential health risks associated with excessive heat. The move also serves to facilitate the completion of collection duties earlier, thereby reducing the risk of heat-related ailments among the workforce.

Josh Brown, the district manager for Waste Connections, emphasized the importance of residents’ cooperation: “We are asking residential customers to keep our drivers safe by placing carts at the curb the night before. Our drivers work 10- to 11-hour days. Allowing drivers to start collection early will get them off the streets earlier and reduce the potential for heat-related illnesses.”

In the event of a missed pickup, residents are advised to reach out directly to their respective garbage and recycling companies for resolution.

To stay informed and receive timely alerts about service changes and weekly garbage day reminders, residents can sign up at www.portland.gov/garbageday. Additionally, the most current information regarding early pickup can be accessed at www.portland.gov/early-pickup.

For a comprehensive collection of heat-related information and resources offered by the City of Portland, concerned individuals can visit www.portland.gov/stay-safe-during-heat. The City remains committed to ensuring the welfare of its residents during these challenging weather conditions.