Eagles and Fun from the U.S Army Corps of Engineers!

Each winter 60 bald eagles, and sometimes more, use the Gorge as their winter vacation home. This weekend the U.S Army Corps of Engineers is hosting the 12th Annual Eagle Watch. The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and park rangers from the Corp and the forest service will be at the Dalles Dam Visitor Center to provide activities, educational programs, live raptor viewings and eagle watching outside. This event is free and the site is accessible to visitors with disabilities. If you come you should bring your own scopes, binoculars and cameras. Due to COVID-19 precautions, activities will take place outside.

The Dalles Dam Visitor Center is located just north of Interstate 84 at exit 87.

Speaking of the U.S Army Corps, you might want to check out their Facebook page, and Twitter account. Even though the government’s web pages and social media accounts can be a little dry and boring, the Corps’ Chris Gaylord has taken on the challenge of lightening up the messages they’re trying to get out. A little bit of humor and a lot of interaction from the public is the result of his hard work!


Chris Gaylord, public affair specialist, poses with the Portland District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Facebook page. Gaylord is the primary person who manages the district’s presence on the social media app. Many of his posts are quirky and engaging.
Meet the Rodney Dangerfield of fish. The Pacific lamprey gets no respect. No respect at all. Story of its life. But we’re here to finally give it some respect because it’s a pretty cool fish. (U.S. Army graphic illustration by Chris Gaylord)


Portland District marks “vision board day” with an image highlighting key U.S. Army Corps of Engineers missions, Jan. 8, 2022. Chris Gaylord, public affairs specialist and district Facebook manager, created the image in the normal tone and voice of the page.
(U.S. Army photo illustration by Chris Gaylord)

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