Oregon – You learn something new everyday. A Youtube video going viral online shows an interesting interaction between a driver and an Oregon State Trooper. It’s been viewed about three million times. You can watch The driver from Dubai in his Lamborghini on vacation in Oregon, trying to explain to the officer that he was all legal and okay to be on the road. Turns out the driver was right according to Oregonlive. Here’s what the law says:

“ORS 803.305 (14) specifically provides that vehicles currently registered and titled in any other country, state or territory are not required to be registered by this state, provided the owner is not a resident of this state or has been a resident for less than 30 days,” Oregon State Police spokesperson Timothy R. Fox said over email Tuesday.

“ORS 807.020 (1) provides that a person who is not a resident of this state or who has been a resident of this state for less than 30 days may operate a motor vehicle without an Oregon license or driver permit if the person holds a current out-of-state or foreign license issued to the person,” he added.

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