Drouhard Heritage Farms Offers U-Cut Christmas Trees for All

Canby, Ore. — If you make your way out to Drouhard Heritage Farms in Clackamas County this time of year, you’re liable to find Robert and Amy Drouhard visiting with U-cut Christmas tree hunters.  Robert hops on his tractor and makes his way out to the farm and is happy to actually do the cutting for any family.  He brings the fresh cut Douglas Fir back to the barn and if you like, he and his wife Amy will slide it through the old fashioned bailing machine and keep it nice and tight for the ride home.  And yes, the bailing material is recyclable.

Drouhard is pronounced:  DREW-urd.  Say it like:  DROW-hurd – and Robert’s grandma will roll over in her grave.

Robert says they have been growing Christmas trees and offering small scale pasture pork for about 5 years now on about 4 acres of land situated in Clackamas County.  It’s a labor of love for the Douhard family – an add on to their regular, daytime jobs.  Robert says they wanted to offer the U-cut trees at an affordable price to make sure anyone who wants one is able to bring one home.  They enjoy the company and family atmosphere of the people who visit.

Robert grew up on a farm and says his family taught him the value of a hard day’s work and how to make sure they’re taking care of the land.  But, he’s also learned a lot about the crop of Christmas trees.  He says they go ahead and remove their stumps instead of leaving them in the ground in case of disease.  And they trim and plant and weed like good stewards, all because they enjoy it.  And this time of year, it makes it all worth it.

KXL’s Brett Reckamp and his family recently made a trip out for some family Christmas trees.  You can hear Robert and Brett’s conversation from the farm by clicking on the link below.


Inside the barn at Drouhard Heritage Farms

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