(Update) The deceased victims from yesterday’s incident at Sandy Swimming Hole are identified as Rudolf Hohstadt age 61 & Regina Hohstadt age 62. The Hohstadt’s were from Germany and arrived in the U.S. a few days ago to visit family who live in the metro area.  The suspect is David E Croswell age 71. Croswell resident of Washougal WA.

Washougal Police have arrested a 71 year old man and charged him with  two counts of vehicular homicide. They say he drove his Jeep through a fence and ran over two German tourists sunbathing on the beach at Sandy Swimming Hole Park. The man and woman were taken to the hospital. One died on arrival. The other died about 20 minutes later.

Police say witnesses told them the driver never slowed down as he left the park. Police don’t think the driver had any contact with the victims before the hit and run. The identity of the driver and victims should be released later today.

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