Dr. Jennifer Vines Talks COVID-19 On Portland’s Morning News

Dr. Jennifer Vines, lead health officer for the tri-county region of Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties joined Brett Reckamp and Veronica Carter Tuesday morning to discuss COVID-19… what do we know, what do we need to learn and what questions do you have?

About Dr. Jennifer Vines: As the Multnomah County Health Officer and lead health officer for the Tri-County region, Dr. Vines provides physician leadership on a range of public health issues.  A member of the public health leadership team responsible for advancing local public health policy, she has also served as the medical lead for outbreak response, tuberculosis treatment and prevention, and the county’s sexually transmitted disease clinic.  She plays an active role in the county’s response to opiate and other substance use disorders and has helped to promote tobacco and nicotine prevention policies at the local and state levels.  Dr. Vines is a champion of the Multnomah County Public Health Advisory Board public health ethics committee and physician ambassador to health systems and community groups across the region.

Dr. Vines’ other work experience includes serving as health officer for Columbia County, Oregon, and as Deputy Health Officer for several counties in southwestern Washington.  Trained at Oregon Health & Science University in Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine, Dr. Vines has a master’s degree in public health and health management and policy.  She practiced primary care in a variety of health clinics in the Portland area prior to pursuing full time health officer work.

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