Donor Helps Newberg Tenants Avoid Eviction, Pays For New Air Conditioners

NEWBERG, Ore. — Thanks to the generosity of a donor, Newberg tenants are welcoming new air conditioning units in their homes, and the threat of eviction, is gone.

Niki Sherman, one of the women living at Haworth Terrace, affected by eviction notices from the Yamhill County Housing Authority, will finally sleep well after weeks of suffering without A.C. “I’m so excited,” said Sherman.

After hearing about the tenants’ plight from our news partner KGW, Kim Stark bought three portable AC units, and spent $1,500. “Do you want them here?” asked Stark. “Yes, please!” said one of the women who lives in the low income housing complex. “It’s a good day. It’s a miracle day,” Stark said. “I felt very bad for them and I wanted to help them. I’ll share what I have with people. I wish I was wealthier because I would buy more air conditioners for everybody here.”

Norman Chusid, runs Ankeny Hardware, where Stark bought them, and said, “I was amazed. I was flabbergasted. We’re happy to deliver them for free and get them into each unit and so that’s what we did today.”

The Housing Authority said window air conditioners are a fire hazard, and cited federal rules, prompting the eviction notices earlier this month.

A tenant’s right to AC has been a hot topic for state lawmakers, particularly after the deadly heat dome event last summer. They took action back in March, passing a bill allowing tenants the right to install AC in their apartments.

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