Donate that Halloween Candy to the Troops!


Too much candy on hand after trick or treaters ran door to door collecting as much as they could Halloween night?   Didn’t manage to hand out all that you bought?  You can donate it!

There are a couple of programs that let you give your extra candy to sick and needy children, or the U.S military for the troops.  You can also drop it off at local food banks.  Two area dentists are participating in a candy buy back program.  Sunnyside Dentistry for Children in Clackamas.  We talked to Office Manager Kerri Cole about it.  They’ll give kids prizes or cash for candy.


Adventure Dental on  NE 139th in Vancouver is also buying back candy.

You may also ship your candy directly to our non-profit Veteran’s organizations.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Operation Gratitude

Soldier’s Angels

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