He’s calling her “Dog Park Debbie” on social media.  She’s the lady who called 9-1-1 at a dog park in Massachusetts after a man’s dog kept mounting her dog.

That man, Franklin Baxley, says he apologized but when the dog kept doing it, the woman said:  “you need to leave because your dog keeps doing that.”   He said “I’m not leaving”.   Then the lady called 9-1-1. Baxley recorded her on his phone as she told the dispatcher his license plate number.

Franklin is a black attorney in the area. He says this is the newest version of the BBQ Becky….remember when a woman called the cops over some black people barbecuing in the park?

We agree calling 9-1-1 is totally over the top….but we wanted to talk about about dog park etiquette.  Who should leave?

What do you think?

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