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Dodgeball. No Thanks.

In honor of ESPN’s, now annual, quirky sports day, I’ll say this…

I am NOT a fan of Dodgeball. I mean…. I don’t really like getting hit in the head with a red, rubber ball. It’s not fun for me. And it’s not in my nature to throw stuff at you!

But I appreciate my co-anchor’s love for Dodgeball, he’s a bit rough an’ tumble.

I DO appreciate turning your passion into a competition, a sport, an opportunity to showcase your skills and discipline and superpowers. I mean, after all, I have some skills. I could enter a cartwheel contest, a shimmy contest, a smiling contest….. 🙂

So I can dig The Ocho.
In the movie, Dodgeball: a True Underdog Story, you’ll remember ESPN8: The Ocho. The fake alternative sports network broadcast the big tournament all the characters played in.

It’s back for real. Since 2017, ESPN8: The Ocho has showcased the wider world of underground sports. For 24 hours you can watch marble shots, stupid robot fighting (their words, not mine), lawn mower racing, etc.

Check it out. Enjoy. Tell me about YOUR underground sport.

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