Do you believe in psychics?  If you do,  you’ll be interested in what “Psychic Nikki”, the psychic to the stars has to say.   She says the world will continue to be kind of crazy in 2019 with extreme weather events and political protests and a roller coaster stock market.
She sees breakthroughs in health areas like breast cancer; Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

This year, she says, Tesla founder Elon Musk,  Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Selena Gomez all need to watch themselves.  They could have health issues. It’ll be a good year for Lady Gaga, says Nikki.  She will likely going to win an Oscar and Golden Globe for A Star Is Born.

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NOW,  let’s take a look at what Psychic Nikki said last year about 2018.  She said Kim Kardashian and rapper husband Kanye West would divorce (they just announced they are having another baby). So would Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman (they are still together).

She also warns that Ben Affleck’s drinking will continue to cause major issues in his life in 2018. (It did. He went to rehab).

She said she had major concern for a lot of celebs…including Penny Marshall and Burt Reynolds (both passed away).

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