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Dad Bod Honors!

This is kinda funny…. a baseball team dons a new uniform, “dad bod” jerseys. They’re complete with back hair, man nipples and a tramp stamp tattoo.

This is a minor league baseball team in Kentucky, the Florence Freedom. They actually all wore the jerseys in their game on father’s day. Yes, the players actually wore the jerseys during the game against lake erie crushers.

They game had to be suspended in the 7th inning though, too much lightning and rain in the area. The game stands at a tie, 7-7. They’ll pick right up from the top of the 7th, when they play on July 5.

It’s unclear if the players will still wear the special uniforms when play resumes next month.
BTW they’re referring to them as the hair-unis.

You can check it out at this link.

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