The most basic job of governments at all levels is keeping Americans safe. 

The government in the NW fails that mission miserably, even when they have the tools to do it. Jared Walter, already a convicted sex offender, is back in a courtroom facing new charges.

This criminal, sexual freak poses a real danger to women, and yet the system provides a revolving door for him to go in and right back out. Walter has a long rap sheet.

And it certainly doesn’t help when reporters slap a cute nickname on a pervert like this. “The Trimet barber” suggests he’s more of a curiosity than a threat.

Cutting snippets of hair off women on buses and trains got him banned for life from Portland’s failing transit system. Now, an indictment accuses him of taking video of women using a public toilet at Portland Community College.

The inability to control this deviant is itself an indictment of Oregon’s so-called criminal justice system at every level…lack of policing on trains, the cowardice of the courts and Judges to actually lock the bad guys up, and, of course, lame-duck DA Mike Schmidt-for-brains.

At least voters rejected HIM last week. When elected politicians, who enjoy taxpayer-funded security for themselves, refuse to protect the public from the depraved, it’s reasonable to question why the rest of us must follow the law and pay taxes for protection we don’t get.

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