CSAP Achieving Great Results

Brian VanDyke Sheriff Craig Roberts and Captain Jenna Morrison

PORTLAND, Ore.– With 84 treatment beds Clackamas County Substance Abuse Program is helping people from 18 to well into their 60’s stop the cycle of alcohol, drug abuse and a life of crime. The Men’s CSAP Program started in January 1997.  The  Women’s CSAP Program started in September 2009. Currently 61% of the clients who enter successfully complete the program.  87% of clients were alcohol and drug free one year after completing CSAP.  85% of men and 89% of women have not been arrested for a new crime after completing CSAP.

In the past 5 years Women’s CSAP has served 172 clients.  The Men’s Program has served 366 clients during the same time period.  The program boasts a 75% success rate. One of the most critical parts of the CSAP Program is that probation officers get in among the inmates at the Clackamas County Jail .   They ask inmates about what their daily life is like .  What they need.  The information gathered helps with determining if inmates are good candidates for the CSAP program.

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