Crews Fight Brush Fire On Hayden Island

Portland, Ore. — Portland Fire & Rescue (PFR) responded to a brush fire at 2:15 AM on the north side of Hayden Island, west of the I-5 bridge, in open vegetation. A fire boat from Station 17 extinguished much of the fire from the Columbia River, but the distance was too far for complete elimination. The fire was upgraded to a wildland fire assignment, and additional land-based units were added. Specialized wildland fire units from PF&R worked for nearly 5 hours to fully extinguish the fire. The cause is under investigation, and no injuries were reported.

Fire Boat 17 used turret deck guns to extinguish the bulk of the nearly 1000′ long and 200′ wide fire running slowly in heavy vegetation. Land-based crews had to cut through locked gates to access the fire, with progress hindered by narrow paths and sandy soils, necessitating specialized wildland fire units.

Water supply challenges required a water shuttle operation and alternative pumping units. Two 4WD brush unit fire engines cycled from the fire to a fire hydrant located about ½ mile away for water supply. A rescue boat, with a shallower draft, drew water from the Columbia River to support the land-based crews.

Embers caused spot fires away from the main fire body, and specialized ATVs with water pumping capabilities were used to address these fires.

Twenty firefighters with 3 fire engines, two brush units, 2 single-person ATVs, and two fire boats worked for 5 hours to eliminate the flames.

The fire occurred on open land, not park property. Portland Fire & Rescue and Portland Parks & Recreation urge reporting open flames or smoke within park properties to 911 and non-emergency matters in City parks or natural areas to the Portland Park Ranger Hotline at (503) 823-1637.