Do You Know Who Drew This?

The makers of crayons are looking for a guy named Jason.   Jason went to Ventura Park Elementary School in Portland in the late 90’s.  He colored a picture that he called The Tightrope.  It was part of a Crayola art program called Dream Makers.   On the picture are the words “I would love to be on a tightrope looking down at a crowd wondering if they think that I will fall, knowing that I won’t.”

It’s part of an effort by Crayola to reunite people with artwork they did in elementary schools across the country.   You can hear more about that here:

This is the first wave of art being returned in what Crayola hopes to be the ultimate return of all 1,000 pieces of art remaining in its archives from what was once one of the largest collections of children’s artworks in the world.   

If you know Jason or just want to see all of the artwork here is the link.

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