Crash Kills Woman on Highway 30

 A retired Portland Police Officer and Marine Corps Veteran tries to rescue a woman in a serious accident on Highway 30 between 405 and N.W. St. Helens Road.  Friday afternoon, Steve Harmon and his wife are driving to a barbecue, when they saw a three car crash. A woman, was pinned in one of the cars, and Harmon instinctively rushed to try to help her, his police and marine training, kicking in.  He helped the victim breathe, until emergency rescuers got there and rescued her from the car. They took the woman to a hospital.   Unfortunately she died there.  The city of Portland counts three people who’ve died in wrecks in that same area, and seven who’ve suffered serious injuries, since 2010.  There have been 27 fatal crashes so far in Portland this year, on top of last year’s 63 traffic wreck fatalities, which was the worst number in three decades.

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