‘Cowboy’ Clerk at 7-11 Lassos, Hogties Robber Yee-haw!

The Old West is alive and well in Texas.

For proof, one needn’t look any further then an incident that occurred Tuesday in which a 7-11 clerk lassoed and hogtied a would-be robber.

The Oak Cliff confrontation began just after 11 p.m. when a man, brandishing a screwdriver as a weapon, attempted to rob the convenience store, police say.

At one point he tried stabbing the clerk, setting off a physical altercation between the two, a police report indicates.

During the struggle, the clerk managed to grab some rope and tie up the suspect.

Police say the suspect was so tightly bound they had to use a knife to cut him free of the restraints.

When asked about his superior roping skills, the clerk explained he’s “a cowboy from West Texas.”

Are cowboys a dying breed? What qualities make someone an official cowboy?

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