By  Cooper Banks

There’s a new study out of Oxford University in Britain shedding new light on the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Researchers think COVID-19 may have been circulating in the global human population since last fall.  Results of the study were first published in the Financial Times.

For my own part, I had the information about this Oxford University study forwarded to me through a source.  They site this article in “The Week”.

This particular source personally corroborates some of the information as well.  They say, at their hospital in the U.S. Midwest, doctors and nurses have been sending people home who suffered symptoms from a type of “mystery flu”…since as far back as November.

They say it’s,” what many of the infectious disease hospital MD’s have been suggesting (including where I work).  So we have been told, ‘most likely we’ve been treating patients with (COVID-19) since as early as November before we knew to test for it.”

Now, of course, this could actually be good news.  It could mean humans have actually built up some level of immunity to COVID-19 that was previously unknown or unsuspected.

It’s certainly hopeful.

I reached out to both the Oregon Nurses Assocation and the Washington State Nurses Association.

Neither organization wanted to talk about it.

I asked them to ask around and get back to me, but I don’t expect much.  We’ll see.