COVID-19 Death Toll Rises in Oregon, Washington and Other Western States

Oregon’s now lost 605 lives from the coronavirus.

Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen describes surpassing 600 reported COVID-19 deaths as an unhappy milestone.

Though the numbers are rising, they’re still lower in Oregon than other western states.

In nearby Idaho the death toll’s even higher, at 514 deaths, though Idaho’s population is much lower.

Washington’s suffered the loss of almost 2,300 people, and in California, more than 16,600 have perished from the disease.

Centers for Disease Control data shows Washington, Idaho and California all have higher death rates from COVID-19.

For comparison, for every 100,000 people in these states, Oregon’s suffered 14 deaths, Idaho and Washington, both record 29, with California at a much higher toll, at almost 42 deaths.

The OHA says each death is a reminder to the rest of us of the severity and danger of COVID-19. Its doctors and experts encourage wearing masks, physical distancing and avoiding gatherings to save lives.