Cooks Needed for the Free Fridge Project


Neighbors helping neighbors is the idea behind a community pantry called the FREE FRIDGE PROJECT. There are free refrigerators and pantries around the area. You can drop off or pick up food 24/7, no questions asked. The fridges are set up outside in neighborhoods around Portland, Beaverton, and Hillsboro and Vancouver.

They’re asking for home cooked meal along with other pantry and fridge items.  You’re asked to label the food and put a date on it.  List as many ingredients as you can so people with food allergies will know what’s in it.   The rules are posted on Facebook, and also taped to the refrigerators.


Some of the FREE FRIDGE’s are near schools, others near senior living facilities.

Restaurants have stepped up to help.  The MIGHTY BOWL in Vancouver donates food on a regular basis.

There’s a need for more refrigerators.  People are needed to volunteer to have one in their driveway or near the sidewalk.  The community groups will help you pay for and set one up if you’d like to participate.   There are also directions of how to set one up online.


If you love to cook and to help out it’s a great way to do it.  I’ve been stopping by two of them near my house and can tell you they’re organized, clean and people are happily taking the food.   I’ve dropped off singe servings of beef stroganoff, pasta, stir fry, pumpkin cake, blueberry bread, pantry items I don’t need and an unopened container of ice cream (which was gone in a manner of seconds).   You can drop off family size servings of food, or single meals.  All of it is welcome!

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