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Conservative Icon Slams GOP Lawmakers As Cowards To Trump

Multi award-winning Washington Post columnist and conservative opinion writer (and former GOP member), George F. Will predicts Senate Republicans will acquit President Trump on any and all impeachment charges brought by the U.S. House.

He says it’s because most GOP politicians, like most politicians in general, only care about keeping their seats.  Will asserts Senate Republicans will act in their own vanity and self-interest in deciding Trump’s fate.

He says that is because each of those GOP Senators know how popular President Trump is within the Republican voter base.

Of course, it’s worth noting, Will pretty much hates Trump.  So, I suppose such a prediction comes as no big surprise, but I was blown away at how he broke down the reasoning for his prediction.

His reasoning offers quite an indictment on all U.S. politicians.

Watch for the part (around 1:08) where he says, “There’s an old axiom that some people are in politics to do something and some people are in politics to be something.”

It really gets juicy from that point on…

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