The political double standards of the Pacific Northwest just keep comin’ at you.

Portland’s grand floral parade has been going 116 years…almost twice as long as the PLO.

Protestors advocating for Palestinian terrorism tried to block the Grand Floral, Saturday.  Police offered to protect their peaceful protest but that wasn’t enough for these Hamas-niks…so, 8 arrests for disorderly conduct.

Don’t bet money that Social Justice, lame-duck district attorney Mike Schmidt-for- brains will pursue prosecution.  

Last week in Spokane, police made 3 arrests because two juveniles and an adult left tire marks on a gay pride mural that had been painted on a downtown intersection.

That’s right…their crime was leaving tire marks on the pavement…but anything that offends the rainbow crowd gets special attention these days.

Meanwhile, four years have passed since antifa and BLM rioters tore down the statues of three American heroes, Washington, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt in Portland. 

Nobody went to jail for those crimes.  And Portland has dithered about restoring the statues.

So they’re left in storage for fear that paying them the respect they are due might offend the woke folks.  

Go figure.

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