Closed For A Year, Mother’s Bistro Reopens

PORTLAND, Ore. — Covid-19 and riots in downtown Portland made the owner of Mother’s Bistro close her restaurant for a year.  Today, the much loved eatery adjacent to the Embassy Suites Hotel reopens at 4pm.

Lisa Schroeder is beside herself with joy.  “I’m kinda feeling a rebirth after getting vaccinated, we all are.  It’s an exciting day for us.”

Lisa is confident because she had plenty of time to think things through.  While she could have served diners inside at 50% of capacity, she chose to serve at 25% instead.  She wants to do a great job and knows all of her crew wants to follow every COVID protocol, and that will take extra time.  Outside there’s space for 60 guests.

Returning Cook Jeff

“Being back is unbelievable.  It’s great putting the restaurant back together,” Cook Jeff says.

Roast pork was cooking in the kitchen when KXL Reporter Rosemary Reynolds stopped by.  The pork will be used for sandwiches and dinners.  Kale was brazing.  Three different kinds of pastas were being prepped for salads and mac & cheese of the day.  The kitchen crew is already preparing for breakfast Friday at 8am.

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